Luke Chapter 8 Study Notes

This was a very dense chapter so here are my notes.


• Jesus was teaching the Good News with His 12 disciples and some women including Mary Magdalene. (1-3)

• The seed parable: path, rocks, thorns, fertile soil. Describes the ways people receive the message. Path (doesn’t “take”) (12), rocks (gladly receive it but no roots so it drys up) (13), thorns (concerns of this life chokes it away (14) and fertile soil (it sticks and produces a harvest) (14) (4-15)

• Only some were permitted or perhaps open to receiving the message. (9-10) ???1

• Listening brings more understanding, ignoring takes even the previous understanding away. (18)

• No secrets, put our light on a stand where all can see. (!16-17)

• Jesus’ Spiritual family that obeyed God’s Word had a deeper bond than His biological one. (19-21)

• The disciples were scared of the storm, Jesus saved them, pointed out they lack of faith and they were amazed. (22-25)

• Jesus casts the demons out of the naked, homeless man. (26-33)

• He got them to reveal their name and consented to their request to possess the pigs. The pigs plunged / drowned / headed to the abyss. (32-33) ???2

• The locals told Jesus to go away cause they were scared. (37)

• The man was healed as the locals saw. (34-36). He wanted to go with Jesus but Jesus said tell your family what God did for him. (34-39)

• The leader of the local synagogue asks Jesus to heal his daughter. (40-42). The daughter dies as Jesus is headed there but Jesus raises her from the dead, surprising all those watching. (49-56) Jesus tells them not to say what happened. (56)

• A woman’s bleeding is healed as she touches Jesus’ cloak. He knows the power went out of Him despite the crowds. (45-47) ???3


• Only those who receive the message gladly and focus on it produce fruit.

• Sometimes our mission field is at home such as the man freed from the demons.

• Jesus honors faith (woman’s bleeding) and sometimes a minor setback sets up a great miracle (sickness to raising from the dead).


1. Why were only “certain people” allowed to understand? Might be based on their willingness as the next bullet point / passage mentions.

2. Why did Jesus consent to the demons’ request.

3. Why did Jesus want to keep the miracle a secret? Perhaps because it wasn’t “time to die” yet.

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