Study Notes – Luke Chapter 4 & 5

Something new I’m doing. Study notes for the chapters I read. I’m not going to publish all of them but here is what chapters 4 & 5 look like.

Chapter 4


• The devil tempts Jesus. Each time Jesus rebukes the devil with Scripture (4,8,12). The devil twists Scripture as well (10-11). (1-13)

• Jesus begins to teach but was rejected in Galilee (14-28, 22-23). Jesus gives examples in Scripture where “hometown heroes” were unable to do anything because they were not respected there (23-27).

• Jesus ticks off the people of the synagogue with this. (28-29)

• Jesus casts out evil spirits (35) which amazes the masses (36)

• Jesus heals many. (38-41)

• The people beg Jesus not to leave but He has to leave to fulfill His mission of preaching to the other towns. (42-44)


• Use Scripture to rebuke the devil. Stay in my lane.

• Don’t be discouraged when close friends don’t get it at first.

• Stick to the mission like Jesus did. Don’t get swayed by emotion or human sentiment / desires.

Chapter 5


• Jesus calls Simon Peter, James and John and makes them “fishers of men”. (1-11). Peter seems to realize that Jesus is special (gruff fisherman lets down net despite his better judgment when Rabbi says to 4-10) and knows he is a sinner (9). Jesus wants them anyway.

• Jesus heals a leper who states he knows that Jesus can cleanse him if He wants to. (12-16) He also doesn’t follow Jesus instructions to “hush hush” so Jesus’ fame spreads (15-16)

• Jesus tells a paralytic that his sins are forgiven (20). The Pharisees are aghast (21) so Jesus shows His power by enabling the man to walk. (24). Everyone is awed and praises Jesus (25-26)

• And what about that effort of the paralytic’s friends? Doing some roof work to get him in when it was too crowded the other way. (18-19)

• Jesus calls Levi to be His disciple. Levi eagerly accepts and Jesus accepts a dinner invitation. (27-29). The disciples are again aghast (30) but Jesus clarifies that His mission is to call sinners to repentance since they need the doc, not the healthy / “righteous” (31-32)

• Jesus disciples don’t fast because He is with them (33-34)

• New wine goes in new wine skins. New ideas don’t mix well with old. But some people are happy with old wine / old ideas. (37-39)


• Jesus calls us where we are, our imperfect selves (Peter, James, John, Levi)

• The leper knows that God’s will is paramount (“if you are willing”)

• Forgiving sins is the greater miracle but the gent walking is more obvious.

• Jesus came to revolutionize (new wine) not to patch the old (old wine)

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