My 2019 Vision

This is my focus for 2019.

Life Statements

1. I have a purpose = God has custom created me for a reason. I am privileged, obligated and empowered to fill God’s plan for my life.

2. Its not about me – Life isn’t about my pleasure or fun. I need to focus on my long term goals that line up with God’s purpose for me. It’s not about instant gratification, getting more stuff or short term pleasures or avoiding difficult or unappealing challenges. No rom for laziness.

3. My mistakes refine – Mistakes are not desirable and should be taken seriously, learned from and avoided in the future. But they do not define me, they are an opportunity to learn and grow.

Diet / Exercise

16 hour fast during the week, 12-14 on weekends

Two 600 calorie days

Two “free” days (within reason)

Other days 1,500 calories or so

Try for one protein bar at lunch

Cut down on junk, sweets and eating out.

Exercise: 4-5 times a week, walk too. Maybe treadmill.

Listen to Christian radio when working out.

Quiet Time

• Bible Study: Reformat for February. With reflection journal.

• Worship: when I wake up. Two songs (7-12 minutes), reflect on lyrics, praise and five things I’m thankful for.

• Journal: Before bed. Reflect on how the day went and what I want to accomplish for tomorrow. Review the week on Sunday.

• Prayer – thankfulness and petitions about others and my day in the morning. Confess sins and ask for help and deliverance from problematic sins at night.

• Bible app: read two Bible studies a day.

Other Goals

Less “dead brain” time. More informative podcasts and reading.

Less spending. Be credit card debt free by summer.

Teach a small group, join one and volunteer at CR more.


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