My CR Step Study Graduation Comments

I originally said this at my step study “graduation” on 01/25/2018

Good evening, I’m Chris, proud member of the Fab Five, crosstalker extraordinaire and lover of donuts. More importantly I’m a follower of Jesus Christ who has been delivered from porn and working on diet, finance and overall selfishness.

When this men’s step study was announced I knew this was the next step I needed to take. I also knew that I enjoyed Saturday morning walks, donuts from Hole-In-One and cartoons. I also extrapolated that this step study would interfere with College Gameday. Cause nothing says football like Lee Corso wearing oversized mascot heads (football joke). And it was 9 AM. 9 AM. On a Saturday. I mean yeah I got up that early anyway but I didn’t have to be somewhere at a particular time. So I was torn but a few people pushed me in this direction and with only my laziness pushing against that I signed up.

At this point I’m writing and thinking I’m terrible staying on script. So far I have (report of how much the words on this sheet match what I actually said, no worries the meaning is the same).

Over the course of a year (11 months sorry) I bonded with these four men. I have no doubt that each one will have my back. A typical meeting consisted of small talk before Jeff put on the adult hat and got us started. I always got there on time, if on time means the meeting starts when I get there. Just kidding, I was always there 9:03 sharp. And I can’t even blame wild Friday nights as I’ve left the bar scene a couple years ago. Well there was one incident … but I know now that isn’t where God wants me.

We shared our hearts every meeting. We were open and authentic. The materials were helpful in pushing us to reveal things about ourselves that I know was very helpful to me in both expression and listening.

The changes I have experienced have been subtle but still substantive. The biggest is giving up porn. There were many factors involved in that. Above all Jesus Christ giving me strength. But this step study has been invaluable in helping me kick this habit. Also I know that my inner peace has developed as well as my ability to be humble and selfless. I am by no means perfect so I intend to keep coming back as I will never “graduate” CR, only peel the onions as the Spirit replants the garden of my heart (how’s that for a mixed metaphor).

In conclusion I’d like to say I stayed on script so there’s a minor miracle and that I thank God for the experience I have had in completing this step study. It was truly worth the time investment and then some. God bless.

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