FREEDOM! And God Choosing Presidents.

This is NOT an attack on President Trump. I can do that for you but this isn’t one. Its an example of a point and a currently relevant one.

I’ve read one or eight times too often that it must be God’s Will that Donald Trump is our president cause there he is, being all the president and all.

To be clear: they are saying he’s president so that’s proof to them its His will.

20.9 MILLION people are victims of human trafficking, many of them sold into sex slavery where rape is as common as going to school is for American children. Is that God’s will too? I mean it happens so it must be by that logic right. Every person who is a cancer victim, every accident, every child that grows up without a parent, every boy and girl kidnapped, tortured and killed (The Shack says hi). All those God’s will too? Cause if God wants it He makes it happen, right. I mean he chooses leaders.

Or maybe God only intervenes in the “big” stuff. A suffering child or parent isn’t a biggie but hand selecting an American president, well we can’t trust that to people’s free will can we?

Obviously God cares about all of us, our hurts and our lives. My point is you can’t pick and choose your theology based on what is convenient. Either people are free to make their own choices and live with the results of those choices or they aren’t. Its not situational, at least as far as we know. Does God intervene in human events? Absolutely. Especially in response to our faith based prayers. Was it God’s will that President Trump got elected? Maybe, maybe not. But Trump getting elected is not and cannot be used as evidence that Trump is God’s chosen person any more than a child getting killed proves that God wanted that to happen too. Consistency …

A quick and very incomplete explanation of my view of free will: God is a personal God. He likes some things and dislikes others. For example He loves us and He hates sin. He wants us to love Him and one another. But can a robot love? No and neither can any creation “programmed” to love. Love has to be a choice chosen freely. So God wants us to act in love (as Paul says all those laws boil down to Love God, love others) but love can’t be forced. So being a personal God He can interact with His creation but all but the lightest touch from Him would be a “soft force” to make us love Him.

So we have to choose to love Him. But what if we choose differently? If we choose wrongly and we get buzzed “Wrong, try again!” without any results from the choice we still aren’t choosing. We are simply learning how many wrong choices there are until we find the right one. And how long would that take? Without consequences? Half hour, 45 minutes for the very stubborn people among us.

So if I choose to be a dirty nasty evildoer why should my victims suffer? They didn’t make that choice. Honestly that’s a good question. My answer is that we are created to be interconnected. Our decisions are supposed to affect each other. We are to share those joys with each other. Love is communal. But again choice without consequence isn’t real choice. So just like our love affects those around us so does our hate.

Consequences for our choices would include who the majority of us (or in this case enough of us in the right places to satisfy the electoral college) voted for as president.

Hence we live in a jacked up world affected by all the wrong choices all of us have made. Maybe if you were God you would have done it differently. Maybe I would have. But there is a reason we aren’t God. We only see a very tiny piece of the picture …

But what is clear is that regardless of who our leader is (remember where we started lol) we as Christians are to pray for him or her. Paul said it in Romans. Romans was probably written during the reign of Emperor Nero. The “burn Rome, kill Christians, waste money on a pleasure palace” Nero.

In my reading I don’t think Paul is saying every leader has God’s approval, its saying that the institution of government was created by God to maintain civil order (and the evolution of government as technology followed by education and literacy would be evidence of this). So we should respect and pray for our leaders. That doesn’t mean we don’t challenge their actions if they clearly violate God’s law but it means that we should support the “office of the president” be it Donald Trump, Barack Obama or whoever. Cause I assure you that neither of them come close to Nero in pure anti-God evil.

I can’t explain God. If I could He wouldn’t be God. All I know is that He has shown me more than enough love, mercy and supernatural power (in a very subtle way) that I’ll trust Him. Even when its tough. There is nothing else …

This looks like a good stopping point. Blessings to my friend Dan and get well soon Michelle (his wife, brain surgery).

Be good to each other. That’s a choice we all can make.

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