Random Rants: Random Facts.

As always it seems one of my goals is to post more blog entries. But what to write about? Hmm …

Well how about some random facts.

So here we go …

1) If you pointed a gun to my head and forced me to pick a favorite band or music artist I would answer Garth Brooks. Not that he actually is my favorite but I don’t want to get shot and that’s the first thing that came to mind.

2) I had no interest in sports until I was 10. Then I got real interested real quick. I chose all the local Boston teams and have stuck with them.

3) I’ve lived in the Tampa area so long I remember when the Bucs were the only “pro” sports team in town.

4) I love Arthurian myth. Knights fighting for noble causes and a land where something exciting is always occurring. And no separation of church and state in Camelot. God was God and they worshipped Him.

5) As a teenager my mom and I owned a kitten. What a mistake. Also had several parakeets and a pair of hamsters. No dogs though.

6) Northwestern just did the most stupidest thing, going for it on 4th down on their own 39. With a one TD lead. What?

7) some people collect stamps, others collect memorabilia from a certain movie or character, still others collect cards. I collect headphones. It’s an expensive hobby. But the pieces I collect have a practical use.

8) My mom bought me colorful socks as a kid. Until I explained that the kids picked on me for it. Then I got white socks.

9) As a baby I met Paul Newman.

10) I love snow but I can’t ski or ice skate. At all.

11) Kentucky just scored because I mean you know when you get a gift its only right to use it.

12) I played an elf at my church’s ugly sweater party.

13) Well Kentucky failed to get two but the announcer doesn’t understand that Northwestern did not “take possession” after the failed two point attempt. Kentucky kicks off and it’s a free ball (though the chances of the team kicking off is slim but still). But in this most bizarre game Kentucky chose to kick it somewhat deep. Uh what? A fitting end to a mess of a game.

14) My favorite college football team is the South Florida State Boston College Oregon Nolesduckseaglesgatorsbulls.

15) Boys in the Hood is one of my all time favorite movies. I saw it once and I will NEVER watch it again. If you’ve seen it you know.

16) For year’s one of my Christmas traditions was to drive around with a friend (Started with Jimmy, then Ron then Sam) and grade Christmas displays. The range was 3 to infinity. A 1 or a 2 garnered a “Certificate of Participation”. No lights or non lit lights got the “Scrooge” designation. Nativities and other 3-D figures got bonus points. I think Withlachochee Power Company got a score in the thousands.

17) I hope Ohio State gives a flip tonight. This game with USC will be a good one if they decide to try. I think they will. The Ohio State University thinks they should be in the playoff and USC wants to prove they and their conference is legit (neither conference is represented in the playoff). I think Ohio State makes a statement.

18) I was at work when the Berlin Wall fell. My crush’s at the time called. I’m proud to say I was equally excited about both. The world changed that night, what a way to end such a great decade. Good indeed triumphed over evil and the Soviets were true evil. Not the Russian people but the government that oppressed them and many other countries in Eastern Europe.

19) Fun fact: The United States and Gorbachev had a lot more to do with the fall of the Soviets than the U.N. who legitimized them by letting them keep their permanent veto. At some point your actions earn the loss of privilege. If the U.N. didn’t stand against them or the other nations that abuse their own people (and they even let said nations have a seat on the “human rights council”) then why do they exist? Fold their humanitarian efforts into another organization.

20) I’m random.

Well I hope whoever has been viewing this (someone is, I got like 30 views in a day, maybe it was a student) enjoyed this. And hopefully they’ll be more to come.

Happy New Year!

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