A Random Repeat (in lieu of something new lol)

You know I once part of a separatist movement to overthrow the United States government? Well not really. I worked at Hungry Howies and there was this guy Rick who was paranoid about the growing power of the U.S. government and he kind of adopted me into the group. Considering I can fight about as well as a three legged mule (to be honest he wasn’t exactly Hercules) I had the position of intel & info. Because my totem animal was a “raccoon”. Yeah I was a racoon. How did I become a racoon? By finding out that a girl he was interested in was single or some other info. I take pride in that. Because I am p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c. Oh I better not leave that in there. I’m not pathetic, that was self-depreciating humor. But since I told you then its not self-depreciating. But I did tell you that I did it on purpose. So its self-depreciating for another reason.

I tell you that to tell you this, Rick made the most profound statement about Blue Oyster Cult I’ve heard. The American Black Sabbath. Yeah, right! He didn’t say that, but its been said often. He said that BOC’s genius (by the way, how do you get the dots above the “O”) was pretty melodies alongside sinister lyrics. Take (Don’t Fear) The Reaper. Very pretty, almost folkish song about a suicide pact between boy & girl. I used to love BOC. One of the first cassettes I bought was “Agents of Fortune” by them (the one with “The Reaper”).

I tell you that to tell you this. I read the comments about my last note (“Pain” something or other). And there was much wisdom there. I truly appreciate you all. So let’s review: wisdom, appreciation. I love you all. Wisdom, appreciation, love. Got it?

(Enters teacher mode).

Me: So what does Mr. Pineo feel toward you? Wisdom, appreciation, love.  Yes Sam?

Sam:  “Mr.Pineo how do you feel about us?”


Me: (sighs) Love, appreciation, wisdom Sam. Yes David? <p> </p> David: “But you said wisdom, appreciation, love. Now you said love first. So you don’t appreciate us or think we are wise anymore?” <p> </p> Me: No David I still think all three. Yes James? <p> </p> James: “Is Santa real?” <p> </p> Me: That’s off topic James but yes. OK. So we get it: wisdom, appreciation, love. <p> </p> Seanna: “So we are wise?” <p> </p> Me:  YES SEANNA! YOU ARE WISE. We can’t move on until you get this! Wisdom, appreciation, love.

Yeah, welcome to my world.

Alright now that we get it let me share a secret. Get real close, real close, so close only you can hear. Listening? The note was supposed to be funny. Well sorta. It wasn’t a dirge. I wasn’t going for “self depressed, could cry at any moment headcase”. Yes that is all true and the observations about pain was serious but there was a gobton of nonsense in there. Everybody skipped that! I would say that the topic was just there to contextualize the nonsense but that isn’t true either. But come on? You had to think some of it was funny. I even pulled out an S&M reference in context without being tawdry. It actually made some sort of sense in the way where its like “Well it makes sense on paper but something is wrong, I can feel it”.

Speaking of things that seem to make sense but … no I’ll get to that in a minute.

So why did I discuss Blue Oyster Cult? Because I liked them as a kid. No I was going for a dichotomy like I described about them. Except in reverse. And I failed. L

All kidding aside (and you won’t see that again tonight) I really appreciate the support. I’m just writing to entertain here. Edit: Can you spot the lie in that brief paragraph?

My motto: why use 50 words to explain something when 200 will suffice?

I guess I’m like a promoter in that I always say “That last thing I did wasn’t good, this one is much better”. Not true, I love all 3 of my recent notes for different reasons.

And somehow separatism, a 70s rock band, a teacher imitation and audience bashing all come together to make a point that truth be told would have been better off unmade. I can’t believe I don’t have thousands of readers. Rufas Rants – the blog about nothing.

Hey, Casey’s top 40 is playing “Squeeze Box” by The Who. It was #36 this week in 1976.

And I should quit here. But I won’t.

You know that bit about “Speaking of things that seem to make sense but”. Well I wrote it then decided I’ve done the bit better before. It could be a bonus feature on the Blu-Ray / DVD version of this note but alas I hit delete. But I left the original reference in. Why? Because this is the Free Rite Rebellion.

So what is the Free Rite Rebellion? It’s a reversal of my normal writing process. Instead of starting with a topic (let’s say apple picking in Maine) and then using it to dovetail on a dozen tangents I simply go on the dozen tangents and try to connect them. Or so it seems. (#33 Bob Dylan “Hurricane”, a protest song). Eventually I hope readers will submit the topics then I have to connect them together. But until then I’ll come up with whatever is on my mind.

Listening to “Hurricane” does remind me that while we struggle over things (and often times legitimately) there are people who hope their starving kids can survive a perilous journey across the desert in hopes of reaching a UN station (I’m not a UN fan at all but their humanitarian work is admirable) to get fed and treated. Many of these kids are on death’s door. There are political prisoners all over the world who are jailed and sometimes abused for the “crime” of criticizing their government. People in Syria live in terror as a civil war is fought in their streets. Children and poor people work 16 hours a day in horrible conditions just to get a bit of money. Try being a woman in India (where rape is swept under the rug, hopefully changing due to public pressure) or in some places in the Middle East (where women are to be only seen and covered up at that and are harmed if the step out of place). I’m the first one to say “Woe is me” so 4 fingers are pointing at me but sometimes I need to remember we live in the birth place of modern freedom (unless I have non-Americans reading this). I’m allowed to write something called the Free Rite Rebellion and I could go on a tangent about our president (whoever it might be at any given time) and unless I’m stupid enough to threaten him (or her) I’ll have no problem.

Note: there are people here in America who have gone through traumatic experiences as well. I was talking about systematic abuses in countries in that paragraph. I plan to bring some of these to the forefront on FB and this blog. It’s a small world, we can make a difference. No two-bit dictator wants to look like a two-bit dictator and some of them will respond to public pressure. Dictators are an endangered species. You can censor books, publish your own news and broadcast your own media but the internet is worldwide baby and they can’t hide.

Alright let’s review: I spent most of this note trying not to be serious and ended with a socially conscious message. I’m sure that’s all anyone will remember. And really, it’s not what the writer puts out its what the reader gets out of it. So I’m thankful people got something out of it. And this time if all you remember is the end that’s probably for the best.

And I wish Word would stop highlighting “its”. Oh, Word is cool if its in quotes. Yep and the other its has the line. And another one, and has has a line too. UGH!

Wow, I just did that last serious part with no awareness that it tied in with “Free Rite Rebellion” (as in freedom to write and rebelling against abusive systems). Wow, I’m clueless!

Until next time …

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