School Chronicles: Day 1 or Day -5

I thought it would be interesting to do a blog based on an atypical day at work. Namely the first day back after 9 weeks of rest. So as I go throughout my day I’ll journal my thoughts. Actually I’m just going to jot down a few key words as a reminder of what was happening and my immediate thoughts. Then when I get a chance I’ll translate said thoughts into English.

BTW: if you expect anything negative you’ll be disappointed. I already got called in a few years back about a FB post (more of a concern, not a disiplinary action) so that isn’t happening as gain.

7:50 – Wrote the intro you see above. One of the custodians (AKA janitor) is busy cleaning my room. Breakfast followed by welcome back meeting in a few.

Flashback ….

5:30 – Planned to wake up

5:37 – Actually woke up. Not too bad.

5:45 – YouTube praise time. One of my main focuses is to get the day started right.

6:00 – I should be reading the Word (Bible) but FACEBOOK POST. Must chime in! Actually I must stop looking at Facebook. Too many important things to do.

6:15 – Finally studying Hebrews 5. Its short, which is good. My goal is to arrive at 7 AM every day.

6:35 – Liquid breakfast. Greens (actually reds in this case) and protein shake. Yum! Feel the sarcasm, its visceral!

6:45 – After dressing and such (why are the laces for these shoes not laced right, no time, next pair up!) I hit the car and head out.

7:05 – I’m here. Not too bad, 5 minutes “late” from my goal (our start time is 7:40)

7:10 – Talk with team member. Getting caught up since I’m not on the all staff email list (still)

7:40 – Get mail, new snazzy t-shirt. Get key.

7:55 – All caught up. Off to b-fast. More to come laters!

8:00 – Seeing old friends. We’re back.

8:05 – Look at breakfast spread, do quick calorie to food enjoyment value analysis and skip breakfast. There was some good stuff and I certainly appreciate the effort but I have plans for those calories later.

8:35 – The big meetin’ – here we go again …

8:40 – 21 new staff members and we get to meet every single one. 

8:50 – Movie time! A TED talk (its a teacher thing, not Ted the living stuffed animal from Todd McFarlene) about the importance of establishing a relationship with the students. They don’t learn from people they don’t like. Who knew … BTW: “like” takes many forms. They have to sense care in some form or fashion. You can mean a mean old cuss they cuss out every day (privately) but if they sense you are pushing them so they’ll succeed they’ll respond (while complaining all the way). You can be “Mr. Cool” or “Ms. Cool” and they’ll be amused by you but if there isn’t care they ain’t learning because they already have cool friends and so don’t need you for that. They want adults that push them for their growth and set boundaries that reflect that.

9:05 – After some welcome backs and some such we begin the annual “Get to know you game”. Hmm …

9:15 – I know I’m supposed to get my picture taken. Before that we had to write six words that have meaning to us, a quote we like (I didn’t have to look mine up, perhaps I should have …) and our goal. For the goal I went with the lose 30 pounds. 

9:25 – So what now? I’m confused. Did the activity start while I was outside? Were the directions given? Some of my fellow teachers are doing stuff that looks like it pertains to the activity. Others are saying it’s hasn’t started yet. Is this what its like to be a 6th grader in a classroom?

9:45 – We are all still trying to figure out what exactly we are expected to do. We share with others and see if we have matching words. The bonding is coming in that all of us are asking each other what’s going on? Is it the second round yet? 

10:00 – Well it appears that the pic we took and the quote we wrote are being included on a big poster. Uh, what? Now you tell me. Seriously? You know what my quote was? YOU KNOW WHAT MY QUOTE WAS!?!?!?!: “Is milk good or bad? I rest my case”. It was Lewis Black making a comment about our view of what’s healthy. If I knew I was going to be postered (yeah its not a word, deal) with my quote I would have went with Ben Frankin’s freedom and security deal. Or something American Historyish. Cause that’s what I’m teaching. The milk quote doesn’t even make sense out of context. If I’m sharing with a few teachers I can explain and we can all nod at the profound wisdom I shared. On a poster, not so much. Surprise!

Honestly I would have like to have known it was going to be on a poster so I could have chose a quote that stands on its own. Or a Bible verse hee hee hee. I just went with one that popped into my head. It is what it is though, no sweat and no worries.

10:15 – Registration Day procedures. I get to be at the “club info” table. No money collecting or record keeping.

10:45 – The new Lockdown / campus security is in danger procedures. Every person for themselves!!!! Run for your life!!!! Arm yourself!!!! Raise the barricades!!!! Actually I haven’t watched the video yet, that’s the impression I got.

11:00 – Happy Cow! Told you I had a plan for them there calories! I heard they had shakes. I saw the epic. It had stuff sticking out the top. It was also more expensive but hey its only money and calories so the epic it was. It was good. The epic was just the regular shake with some added “Oreoish” items on top to make it look EPIC! It was good. A middling shake. Which is good cause shakes are yummy! But next trip to Happy Cow is Fro Yo throw down. Cause that’s how they roll best!

11:30 – Walmart run for needed supplies. 

12:15 – Interesting talk with a fellow teacher. I’m debating about wearing a tie this year. Under the previous administration it was “preferred” that men folk wear ties. I was asking about the new administration’s preference. If he had heard anything. 

Lets be clear: a tie is a Victorian napkin. Period. I like dressing up and looking stylish but I’m not sure how much the Victorian napkin turned retro fashion accessory adds to that in real world terms (beyond the idea of “wearing a tie” because you’re supposed to). Do I actually look nicer wearing a tie beyond societal expectations of formal / professional dress? I’m thinking not really. I think we should definitely separate from our students in terms of dress. We are the adults and everything about us should reflect that. But the tie and button up collar may be too separate. Too “formal looking” in their eyes. Especially since I did it almost every day. 

I’m heavily leaning toward wearing a tie sometimes. Like twice a week but not twice every week like clockwork. Mix it up a little. On days where students might think its a lazy day (last day before a longer than usual break) I might break out the tie to send a message that it isn’t playtime (unless the school has other ideas like “spirit day”). 

The tie isn’t a big issue. I use zipper ties. Easy Peary. I don’t like buttoning up the collar. And I won’t wear a tie without the collar buttoned up. That’s a fashion statement I don’t wish to make 🙂 .

12:30 – Started working on the room. Getting my personal printer to talk to my iPad and iPhone. Harder than it looks since the printer only hooks up to 2.4 Gig wireless and the school’s 2.4 is weak. Because of that my iStuff won’t pick it up. So the twain don’t meet. But … HP printers create their own network for printing. Hooked into that. Just have to hook back out 

BTW; the school does provide printers. Each team of 4 teachers has one, the planning rooms have one and the media has several. We are in no way required to buy printers. However I prefer to have access to my own to make my life easier and because I forget things. Margaret the student needs a copy of the worksheet I can print (or copy it) for Margaret the student without leaving my room (which I can’t cause at that time I’m kinda busy …).

1:30 – Team meeting. Supply list. I annoy my teammates with my sarcastic comments (who me? Nah …). My favorite: someone asks if the binder is the one and a half inch. Another person answers that its the one inch. I straight faced “explained” that the difference was an extra half inch. They love me lol.

2:00 – Meeting over. More unpacking, hanging things on the wall (completely smooth, it isn’t easy) other stuff.

3:00 – The buckle on my belt snapped. It separated at the point where you can flip it so its reversible. Has nothing to do with my girth (which I endeavor to lose. So this brings a slightly early end to my day.

Tomorrow (which is today as I’m finishing and publishing this) is meeting students and parents as they register. A new school year brings new beginnings …

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