Random Rants 07/23/2017

I’m just doing to do a series of random thoughts tonight.

Real books are cool but digital books are better. Sorry but I can have all my books on any of my devices to read anytime. It’ll save my place and digital bookmarks can link to other places in the book. And I don’t have to worry about where to put them.

Since signing up for my own website I’ve gotten so much spam email from analytics companies, security sites and website builders. Almost as much as the mail for traffic school I got after every speeding ticket.

I could just post these on Facebook or Twitter. But I didn’t. All new nonsense. 

Can we all agree at least that if your 6 year old acted like President Trump does when he feels offended you’d explain that two wrongs don’t make a right and you’d put the kid in timeout. No Twitter for you for one week. Maybe you’ll learn your lesson. 

I bet some of you didn’t like that last thought. And you wonder why I don’t post about politics. Sheesh! Agreeing with someone doesn’t make them a quality person and it certainly doesn’t make them a Christian. JS …

When did fact checking and confirming information become uncool?

You should read Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. We all know that thoughts translate into action and she doesn’t offer anything revolutionary or game changing but a very direct message on how Christians can change stinking thinking into sound thought and that will revolutionize lives. If I do it …

If you want to watch something deep and trippy try the Ralph Bakshi animated story “Wizards”. Elves, wizards, magic, guns and Nazis. A great mind trip via the 70s. 

People are who they are. They won’t magically change into what we want them to be. We either can choose to let them have a role in our lives or cut ’em loose. Anything else leads to suffering for all concerned.

I’ve learned the hard way that talking about your drama publicly doesn’t lead to anything good. It makes you look bad and less attractive in every way to others. Hard truth.

I really wish I had something more in depth and substantial to write. Writers block. Don’t know where I want this blog to go. I do know that I’ve been blessed with a talent to write and want to find a way to use it.

And in the end the past is nice to visit and the future can be a magical place of hope but all we have is the present. Live today! And with that good night. 

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