Random Rantings 07/09

NP: Harry Styles – Ever Since New York

That moment when you realize that prayer isn’t just talking to the walls … (a line from the song sorta)

And yeah the guitar riff is totally ripped from Bad Finger “Baby Blue”.

Greetings and Salutations

Well at least I’m starting this on a Sunday night. One week from the last one. 


Yeah I took the plunge. Got three years with Bluehost to host this site and a year with WordPress for a domain and advanced services. Not the tippy top plans but definitely advanced ones. So I turned a free hobby into an expensive one. But hey if I host ads I might be able to make money so there I go. 

By the way its either chrispineo.blog or chrispineo.com. I also set up the analytics and search stuffs. Even linked to my Spotify playlist. I’ll probably plug on some more cause I am not gifted in the area of web design. 

NP: Foster the People – Doing It For the Money

I couldn’t get the Facebook plug in to work but the Twitter one does. Anyway I might get brave enough to try a custom design at some point. 

Aside: lets check out the new Imagine Dragons. Hmm …


I get to teach a small group at church. It’s called Foundations. It’s written by Kay Warren. My predecessor Sonia did a great job. My task is to not halt the roll the group is on. Am I up to the challenge? We will see …

Astros 19 Blue Jays 1 hmm .. just flashed on ESPN during Tigers @ Indians. Perspective: these Jays took two out of the three from the Yankees. But were swept by my Red Sox. 

Back to the group. Well first should I make two versions of each blog entry. One with the random asides and the other without? I was thinking of taking some of the special interest segments and making them into separate posts. Will help those searching for yet one more review of Beats.  

Diet Update

I’m working out six days a week. Am I eating less / better? I’m working out 6 days a week. Yeah the 4th of July happened. My diet did not lol.

The Book Thief Review

I liked it. The end. Ok a bit more. I was expecting more of a SHOCKING ending. Some sort of revelation. Well that didn’t really happen but it was still a solid book. Painted a solid and evocative picture of life for the poor in Nazi Germany. Heroism from unlikely sources. What’s next?

A Typical Summer Day For (this) a Teacher

7:00 AM – Stumble out of bed.

9:00 AM – usually at some point I’ve done my worship jam (10 minutes of singing along with YouTube worship videos) and taken my vitamins and protein drinks. I’ve also most likely watched some other videos and such. I enjoy Jim Cornette ranting about how wrestling should be.

9:30 – 10:00 AM – Having completed my Bible study (chapter a day keeps Satan away). Now I set off to walk the park (weather and heat permitting). Then I go to Retro and do my 40 minute FIERCE workout. 

11:30 ish – get home. More protein and greens then a well deserved nap.

2:00 ish (all of these are “ishes” BTW): wake up, waste another hour by the computer.

3:00 PM – feel guilty about lack of productivity. Start reading a book or watching a movie.

5:00 PM – News and sport show called P.T.I.

6:00 PM – go to church thing or another walk.

9:00 PM – get home, watch baseball or something. Waste more time

12:00 AM – go to bed to get ready for the next big day. 

Sometimes a mall trip or other breaks up the monotony. Patterns are good. The goal is to grow over the summer. I need to be a bit more productive but not too bad.

Wrap Up

Finally finished Grimm. Great show with a great wrap up. The Imagine Dragons was a bit uneven but mostly good. Detroit is still winning but Cleveland is chipping away. We will see but that ties up the loose ends. So until next time …

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