Random Rantings 07/02


Welcome to the second edition of Random Rantings. The goal is to put out one a week. Well lets see if I can do better. 

NP: The Police – Ghost in the Machine

Freedom Rock

Was a fun successful event. I did have too laugh at Drisco’s insistence that he was in Tampa. I get it, Tampa is sorta close to Wesley Chapel. But then he goes on about how Tampa is his favorite city. At that point I gotta have some fun so I yell out “You aren’t in Tampa!”. I got a mix of looks, some supportive and some not so much. But he was throwing out some great stuff musically and spiritually so I didn’t care what city he thought he was in. But I did think of getting his mailing addresss, going to Walgreens and picking up one of those Wesley Chapel in pictures book and a Wesley Chapel t-shirt and sending it to him as a thank you for coming to Freedom Rock.

I got to take tickets. Or would have except my iPhone doesn’t have the headphone jack needed to attach the mini scanner. I didn’t think to bring the adapter but that would have been clunky anyway since I’d have to hold the scanner down in order to use it. So I just gave out the wrist bands. I wouldn’t put them on the guys cause that my friends is a clear and serious violation of Man Law and we all know how seriously I take Man Law. 

As an aside I’m not too upset about the missing headphone jack. This means the audio chip is now in the adapter and chances are in the future it’ll be an improvement or you will be able to find a third party one that has a better audio chip than what would be in the phone. Plus it makes Bluetooth headphones more appealing and therefore more options. For example I’m listening to The Police on

Review: B&W P7 Wireless Headphones

The bad news: the case they include isn’t too good. And they cost $400. The good news: they look, feel and sound great. Made of premium materials and the ear muffs are detachable. Oh one more bad thing, the controls for volume and track skip / stop are in a funky place. The BT connection rarely skips or stutters and they have all the range I need. The sound: the volume gets up there. Many headphones simply aren’t loud enough for me but these are loud with plenty of room to go up and get too loud even for me. They sound like Beats would sound if Beats sounded good. I mean it has the heavy bass and nice top end but the mids aren’t harsh or muffled. The separation and soundstage are good for “closed back” but of course won’t compete with an open back Sennheiser pair. It’s a pure pleasure to listen to music on these. Oh yeah, probably not a good idea to use them during a workout which leads to …

Review: Beats Studio Wireless

I’ve owned several pairs of these. Returned two red pairs fairly quickly. Saw the grey ones on sale for $250 so I snagged. Those got stolen (I have my suspicions but I’ll keep those to myself). Then I got the jet black pair I have now for only $200. They fit the bill nicely for working out. Comfortable and durable though mostly plastic. The controls are perfectly placed for me. BT connection is solid but much better on my iPhone than either of my previous Android phones (S7 Edge and especially the HTC 10). The sound: good enough. A bit muddy in the upper bass and a bit too sharp in the mid highs but its Beats. Plenty loud as well but a bit short on that score as well compared to the B&Ws. Nice carrying case that fits in my glove box (which is where the stolen pair should have been when not in use and would have been my working assumption of where they went). 

Geez that’s the end of The Police. What now? Hmm …

Now Up: Saga – Worlds Apart (first 3 songs then we’ll see. It’ll cover the two hits)

Oh Nationals 7 Cards 2. Sorry James (just in case he reads this). One of the nice things about my Apple Watch is that ESPN displays scores. So when the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 15-1 I get to see in the upper left corner: Bos 15 Tor 1. For the next 24 hours. Hee hee hee!

This second song sounds boring. But “Wind Him Up” comes next.

Oh Yeah, Freedom Rock

I wasn’t done with Freedom Rock. Drisco was good, the Second Hand Band opened things up nicely but the headliner was Chris August. (Mental note: skip song “Time’s Up” on Worlds Apart, good it’s done, joy awaits). 

Score update: 7-2 Nats. Cards last chance coming up.

Chris August: if he wasn’t a singer he could be a comedian. Seriously he has some serious joke chops. It was an acoustic show. I find great songs can benefit from the stripped down approach where as lesser songs definitely benefit from distortion and other tricks. And these were great songs greatly done. Sat next to good people in David and Jeff and talked to several other good people like James. It was a great evening greatly needed.

OK Wind Him Up has now wound up. What’s next. Any ideas? Fine I see how you are. Actually this next song isn’t bad. 

Sunday School

My goal is to present something resembling a Bible lesson but for now I’ll share what I got out of Pastor Joel’s message. 

OK before that time to switch. Jackson Browne sounds good. A few random hits. 

Cards need 5 runs and no more outs. Looks like one of them flew to second. A dreaded case of the “fielder indifference”. 

Bye bye birdies. Almost hit it out but not quite. Nats win. Sorry James. 

PJ (Pastor Joel) said he never thought about the verse “Give us our daily bread” in a patience context. Neither had I but I did relate. Last summer I felt lonely and directionless. It seemed I had to rely daily on God to get me through the circumstance and He would send just enough to keep my spirits up but the struggle remained. Unfortunately instead of waiting on God I tried to shortcut a way around the loneliness issue and that became a much bigger struggle that I think I’m finally seeing the other side of now. 

🎶 she’s going to be somebody’s baby alright 🎶 (did the music note emojis show up? Specify device when responding – thanks, tech support)

Prayer Service

Just a note: what a blessing. Want a way to help with your issues? Pray for someone else. Seriously we were created to serve others and do life together. Try it, I’m not even fronting. Also I was reminded of the importance of quoting Scripture during prayer. Not to tell God “See you promised, now ya gotta do it”. It’s an act of faith, stating to God that I’ve sought out His will and am basing my prayer on His stated will for my life / the life of believers. That’s one of my many goals I have. To look up Scriptures relevant to my prayer and using them or better yet altering my prayer to fit the Scriptures I find. 

Now What?

The first thing is tighten up on the eating and Bible study, get more focused in prayer and continuing my workouts. Then make a list of all the ideas swirling in my purty little head and prioritize them so some get done. Summer vaca is halfway done. I’m blessed with this opportunity most don’t have in that I get time to renew and get paid for it.

BTW: common question – my pay is split into 26 checks but I receive the summer checks mostly at the end. It’s a legacy from the days before direct deposit so teachers wouldn’t have to pick up a check every two weeks. Now they do hold one check in case you miss a day and have no time left so they don’t overpay you. We also got a retroactive raise check on June 30. So yes we get paid over the summer but we have to use our budgeting skills to make it last since most of it comes before the summer.

But look at my snazzy new iPad and sneakers. Thanks multiple summer checks!

The End

The music is over as are the thoughts. Join me next time for more of my ….


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