Random Rantings 06/19

Opening Salvo

Ok well here we go. It’ll probably take me a few tries before I find my voice so to speak. 

Diet Plan

Cause I need one. I gained 40 -50 pounds during the school year. I just stopped watching what I ate and stopped going to the gym. I’m at 221 so its not like I have to lose 100 pounds like last time. So I try to stay under 1500 calories most days, limit carbs and sugar and work out 6 days a week. So far I’m doing OK so we will see. 

Oh and the Nationals just lost. Bad bullpen strikes again. Remember when they were the Expos and played in Montreal. Gary Carter, Andre Dawson and Tim Raines.

Ok enough old school baseball references. So far so good on keeping the diet. Next Monday is the test on whether or not it is working. The weigh in. I can’t weight. I mean wait. 

Don’t Go to North Korea

Cause they will kill you. The young man who I was jailed for a year and a half was returned in a coma and has now died. I don’t know how North Korea gets away with it. IF the young man committed a crime (the confession was obviously forced, only question is how much of it was true) the punishment was insane. Remember, America has a strong sense of justice, most of the rest of the world doesn’t share that sense of justice. Ever seen “Midnight Express” (the movie, not the tag team). Yeah that’s what happens when you commit crimes in other countries. 

BTW: As an old school wrestling fan I really enjoy Jim Cornette’s rants on YouTube. It’s a very interesting perspective even if he’s a bit obnoxious and behind the times. Oh, Cornette was the manager for the Midnight Express tag team. 

BTW / BTW: The “dark web” sounds scary. I guess its just crooks and such. Just sounds so ominous.

iPad Pro 10.5 Review

Speaking of wrestling I guess we are find out who has been attacking Enzo and Big Cass.

Well it was Big Cass attacking Enzo then pretending to be attacked so he wouldn’t be a suspect. Enzo did an excellent acting job of being betrayed by his best buddy.

Anyway I got the new iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard and the Sleeve. 

The iPad is the perfect size. The screen looks great, the app selection is the head of the tablet class. Everything runs perfectly smooth. The iPad is the best tablet you can buy if cost isn’t a factor. 

The Smart Keyboard: I’m using it to type this. It fits and stays on my lap. I can still touch the screen easily and I like the feel of the keys. I’m a terrible typist but this keyboard doesn’t make it worse. When the iPad isn’t being used it folds nicely to make a good cover. 

The Sleeve: Very nice. Keeps the iPad with its attached keyboard protected from scratches when put in a bag. It’s made of leather. It is a tight fit though. I really like it and prefer to use it instead of the iPad “naked”. 

Apple Pencil: works as expected. I can use it as a stylus, write and draw with it. The thing that amazes me is that it doesn’t work with any other device. You can take a regular pencil and poke an iPhone and it’ll register but somehow it ignores the Apple Pencil. Only devices that its intended for can use it at all. 

All this means it works pretty well as a small laptop as well as a tablet. Dragging objects with a mouse is an issue because it can’t do that. It has no mouse support (most of the time touch will suffice but if you need to move objects in a web page over no dice). It also can share apps with my iPhone and I can continue tasks from one to the other. Overall I’m very glad I purchased it.

Closing Time

Guess this one will be a short one as I get back into the flow. So I bid you adieu until next time. 🙂

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