Blogging Again

Well I suppose I’m going to blog again. I have a few ideas but nothing concrete yet. I’m reposting some of my old work on Facebook but I’m not sure how much this go round will resemble that. People grow and change and their creations are reflective of that change. It’s like expecting a band to make the same album they did 10 years ago (example: many Metallica fans wanting “Master of Puppets 2” every album and screaming sellout when it doesn’t happen).

I do hope to use the short takes on multiple topics format with some stream of consciousness rambling and some interesting (hopefully) rabbit holes. I have a variety of interests and perspectives.

So we will see how it goes. The feature topic of the first one will be a review of the device I’m typing this on, the iPad Pro 10.5 inch model (with the groovy Apple Smart Keyboard).

Write at ya soon. 

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