Randomly Ranting 01/15

Opening Salvo

Hey, I think I’m gonna get three weeks in a row (well if you see this then i did). I’m hoping in a month or two I’ll have the segment names finalized. I’m going for something a little less personal this week but truth be told I won’t know until I write it. I have a plan but my best writing comes spontaneously.

Words of (Questionable at Best) Wisdom

You’ve heard the old saying “Adversity makes you stronger”. It can but in many cases it doesn’t, at least not in the short term. Here is the thing: when adversity comes people tend to get permissive with themselves. They tend to get sloppy in their lives. Diets are broken, addictions are restarted and good habits are forgotten. Sometimes you need to change it up, let loose a bit. The key word is “a bit”. Have your favorite meal, forget the calories. Once. Sleep in one week or go to the beach instead of church or another civic organization you attend. Once. Skip a workout, for a day or two. If you don’t drink AND are not an alcoholic have a couple with an old friend. Once in awhile.

The thing is though that if adversity is to make you stronger you have to double down on the positive things you were / are doing. And do more of them. It has to be intentional. People tend to disregard those good things because they aren’t immediately helpful. Of course they aren’t. But they are helpful in the long run, especially if you are part of the reason for your adversity. Because even if the current crisis doesn’t resolve itself the way you want it to you are building yourself up for the next challenge. You’ll be ready for it or better yet avoid it entirely.

If you let yourself go adversity will ruin you or set you way back. Only by saying “I will learn from this, I will grow stronger from this” then putting a plan (detailed or very general) to improve in action will adversity make you stronger. It isn’t automatic.

I can’t give you a generic improvement plan. Workout, eat better, set goals, get spiritual, do something for others alone or in a group, make new friends. Of course since I’m a Christ Follower I think it would be best if you would become one too but I can’t force that one on ya. 🙂 Whatever you do, don’t give up on yourself. You deserve far better than that!

Isn’t Life Funny?

A statement for your consideration:

“15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance”

Let’s parse this sucker out:

– You can save 15% on your car insurance

– You can save MORE than 15% on your car insurance

– Since it says “can” that means you might not save 15% on your car insurance.

So to put this another way:

Yes, you Mensa peeps got it. It says nothing. Every possibility  is covered. I know its a slogan but its nonsense.

Sports Talk

Last week’s games were great, this week’s not so much (well a couple were close in score but one team was clearly going to win in each case). But unlike most years we have the 4 best teams. Yes the 49ers were a wildcard but they’ve stepped up and it was supposed to be them and the Seahawks competing for the NFC title. New England @ Denver is clearly the best possible AFC title tilt. Both had byes. Denver has set records and the Pats never lost a game by more than a touchdown. Brady vs Manning. Honestly I’m a Pats fan but despite that I think the Pats will win (not just a “hopeful pick”). I don’t trust Manning or Denver, they underperform at the worst times. Just my hunch. I very well could be wrong. I think Seattle is the best team and will win it all so my pick would be for them here and in the Super Bowl regardless of the AFC foe.

A Day in the Life

I needed one more thing and the universe provides. OK I have a very set schedule. Tuesday night is Sam night where I go and see, well, Sam. Our usual activity is listening to music and talking. We play on our cell phones too. I bring my bluetooth speaker over (really Firefox, you think “bluetooth” is a misspelling?). I play all sorts of music, usually of the rock / metal variety. Unless I want to annoy him then I play hip hop or alternative (he didn’t like “I Am Second” until he heard the chorus lyrics). So he shares something. Now when he shares it is almost always some obscure modern metal band. So he plays it and asks “Who is this?”. So I guess a couple of things. He can’t believe I’m not getting this! I come up with Blind Guardian (weird since I know their music and never heard this). Well he says it sounds like them so that was the answer he was looking for but its a band called Persuader. So …. was the game to guess who it isn’t? Because if that was the case then all my answers were correct. The only incorrect answer would have been Persuader.

BTW: they were good. If you know about such things it sounded like earlier Blind Guardian with more of an edge.

We do have “fun with iPod” where I put it on shuffle and he / they (if Chris L is with us) try to guess the artist. Sam usually wins. Cause he’s awesome like that. And its my iPod so I should know all the songs so I can’t play. I got SongPop anyway.

Closing Time

Its a challenge to write this because most of my best stuff is posted as Facebook statuses (statusi?). More people catch the statusi than read through this. I guess I could and will expand the FB statuses but still its tough to do both. Anyway until next time remember: I rawk! Why does I rawk? Cuz I sez I does!

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