Randomly Ranting 01/08

From the Top

Listening to: Woven Hand: Ten Stones

Week 2 and I still have writer’s block. I guess I’ll muddle through. I want to do this and creating the habit is the most important thing. The good stuff will come. Hopefully as I write …


My friend Kelly Hart passed away last Saturday very early in the morning. My main personal memory of Kelly is one Sunday morning I was sitting by myself in church. I didn’t see her but she saw me, grabbed my wrist and brought me to her seat. She was an inspiration to all who knew her as she fought cancer time and again. She will be missed. 

A Week in the Life

Unlike cars the best way to switch gears is to just do it. So switching gears I’m not going to lie, I’ve had better weeks. I think the issue is a skewed view. We see those immediate problems / challenges / hurts as bigger than they are because they are more immediate (obviously some of them are HUGE, I’m talking about the stuff that isn’t). The stress is NOW! But if we take a step back most of those issues resolve and are forgotten. While we are stressing we miss those blessings that will actually affect our lives. The most significant thing that happened to me this week without question is attending the Connection Group Leadership Training. I asked the leader once a month or so back and actually got an invite. Its sincerely nice to be remembered. I honestly think I have all the qualifications to lead a connection group (teacher, charming, well versed in the Bible) but its nice to know others see it too. In two years I’m still going to be rockin that but the temporary stuff will be long forgotten one way or another. 

I remember when I led Foundations. I was in a much different, far more apathetic state then. It was a challenge to be sure for several reasons but I own the fact that I didn’t grow the group and show more enthusiasm for what I was doing.That was a few years ago. I’m a different person and honestly I feel like I have a chance at redemption. I hate failure and I’ve experienced so much of it due to my own unwillingness to work for the things that mattered. But until your dying breath you have that chance to turn it around and that’s happening for me. God does it, I just choose to follow (and not enough at that). 

That’s the thing about God. He doesn’t leave you in the weeds. He not only cleanses you from your sin but He gives you another chance to get it right. You don’t have to live with the failure. When He gives you another chance to get it right He doesn’t make it easy. He makes you “earn” it (as much as a mere mortal can) but He gives you that chance. He doesn’t leave you in the muck and says its OK. He says I love you in the muck enough to bring you out of it.

I think part of that should have been in the “Sunday School” segment (yes there is a “Sunday School” segment, look for it soon) but why interrupt a good narrative.

Random Aside

I commented on a status and it looks like its gonna blow up! My comment isn’t really involved in it but when Christians mingle with anti-Christians (those against Christianity, not followers of the coming Antichrist). It’ll be fun to watch until the status’ owner hits the delete button (and it was explosive from the top). Ooh, look at that post. We Christians are “brainless punks”. It is probably good that my friends are not friends with her or that it appeared on my status. Because there goes the BOOM! If Jameis Winston can cause a stir (and previously downloading music and the existence or not of aliens) imagine what an all out holy war will cause. Almost sounds like fun. Must remember “Not here for my own amusement, not here for my own amusement …”).

Speaking of …

The Antichrist. Do you think he will know he is the Antichrist? Is it like Satan approaches him and says “Son I got a job for you, your gonna rule the world, literally”. Or does he just kinda know? And if he does, has or will he read the Book of Revelation? Does he ask Satan “uh, lake of fire, what’s this. I’d rather not”. Does Satan say “no worries, its all good, its just enemy propaganda”. “But everything else came true, me no like lakes of fire”.”Its cool dude, relax lol, you STRESS too much”. Just curious.

Just asking …

What is this “give up” you speak of? Just kidding, I get it. I gave up once. I was trying to give up something and I just couldn’t do it. So I gave up. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Look if you can’t enjoy poor attempts at humor the terrorists have already won! Don’t let the terrorists win! Laugh at my bad joke!

Closing Time

Well I like this one better than the last one. The quick turn around was a challenge. I need to write the segments at different times then compile them. Cause different moods bring different perspectives. Doing it all at once results in one main segment I’m feeling and a few asides to fill it in. It’ll get better. I know how to write, sometimes inspiration is a challenge. 

One to Grow On

If you aren’t feelin’ what you’re doing do something different. Be blessed!

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