Randomly Ranting: A Restart

Hello Again

Its been a long time since I’ve blogged (aside from a few Facebook notes). One of my goals in 2014 is to revive and regularly deliver the written goods. The plan is to have a set of revolving regular segments, some that I’ll feature today and others that I will introduce as inspired. Without further ado …


A Week in the Life

January 3rd and several of what many would call my “New Year’s Resolutions” are already in the works. One of which is to start a weight training regime. Walking the treadmill and not eating as much only gets you so far. If you want to lose the excess skin that once stored your fat and look toned you gotta weight train. So I signed up for the second of my 4 free Y training sessions. I get there today and the trainer is running a bit behind with the session before mine. No worries, I’ll just hop on the treadmill. So I’m just leisurely warming up with an eye out for when my trainer will be finished. Because I’m impatient. The trainer takes the trainee to some of the different cardio equipment (bikes, treads, ellipticals etc.). They end up on a treadmill. Oh yeah, I have to mention that the trainee and trainer are wearing matching red shirts.Yes the same color shirt. You would think the trainee is a Y employee. It was just so cute! Anyway they are on this treadmill and the trainer is walking the treadmill and the trainee is watching. I think nothing of it (they are twins!). I look back and the trainer is still on the treadmill while the trainee is watching. I begin to wonder. I mean the treadmill is one of the easier machines to master. You know,just walk. The trainee never got on the treadmill. And I start to think, maybe this is the way it works. The trainer does the work and I reap the benefit. Otherwise I’m confused as to why the trainer got on the treadmill. What would be the point?

No such luck for me. We went around to various machines. I (not him) got into uncomfortable positions and struggled to pull various implements in multiple directions that caused differing levels and types of discomfort. You know, a good exercise session. Or training. I’m struggling and he’s saying “You’ll feel it the first time you actually work out”. You know, I’m feeling it now. I make it through the circuit, hesays how great I did (does he every say to someone “You really sucked at this, maybe you should just accept that you will be out of shape the rest of your life) and next session will be for the lower body. Sunday or Monday I’m going to try what he called “actually work out”.

Other than that the holidays are over. I now get to return to my regularly scheduled programming. I’m excited when they arrive and equally happy when they go. There is excitement and wonder in every season. I used to have post Christmas disappointment disorder but now I’m good.

Sports Page

Interesting bowl season so far. UCF upsets Baylor and of course the biggie Oklahoma upset Alabama. I think the month off can skew the results. Its just kinda weird to play every week (with one week off somewhere) then wait a month or so to play again. I know there needs to be a separation because of how the scheduling works but it still can throw teams off. But it affects everyone equally so congrats to UCF, Oklahoma and all the other winners. As I said on Facebook if you believe you can succeed it can do wonders!

I missed most of the bowl season. Because when presented with a choice: watch game vs interact with human beings I choose interact with humans. Of course being invited to the game is the best of both worlds but that hasn’t been in the cards. I’ll be watching Ohio State vs Clemson and of course FSU vs Auburn. But I’ll be at New Walk then the Tap for tomorrow’s playoff games. Again peeps over players.


Lesson Learned

Its only when you are tested that you can measure where you really are. Every team looks good before the game starts. And its easy to look at the failures, the things that you thought you were over yet fell right back into. On the other hand I have to say I did better with it than previous times. The thing is preparation is key. If you aren’t growing and building yourself (through God) as a person then you won’t be ready when the challenge comes. There has to be a foundation before the storm or the house will blow away. Now I work on the foundation, doing what should have already been done. Better late than never but best not to put it off at all. I really have a good feeling about my future but the fire needs to burn. As scary as it feels if it takes going through hell to get there then going through hell is what I’ll do. Not that I’ve been close to that recently.


Thank You

To God for all the changes in 2013, a year which started in a hell of my own creation. It was scary but so much good came of it. And to all the new friends I made (there’s a list on Facebook lol).


Closing Time

These are just some of the “segments” I’ll be doing on a regular basis. Some may go, others may come but the idea is to mostly do short writings on a variety of topics so my non-sports fans don’t fall asleep when they start reading my “Why the New England Patriots are the greatest sports team in the history of the world: A Comprehensive Review & History”. Hopefully readership will build and I hope you laugh and maybe learn a bit from my typing doodle. I think I need a new name for this too. Thanks for reading, next week will be better.

One to Grow On

I can’t help to heal every broken heart that crosses my path but I can put a dent in it!

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