I’ll blog again soon …

Yep, I need to get back into it.

Here’a a Facebook status I posted. I kinda liked it.

Wow, just wow. People concerned over our economy and the “fiscal cliff”. The northeast is putting life back together again. People in Syria are seeking refuge in the remains of structures from the Byzantine Empire. There’s an oldie for you. And they are still getting harassed by Syrian government forces. Oh yeah, someone said loosely guarded chemical weapons? Egypt is having a revolution to replace the guy that came in as a result of the first revolution. Huge pockets of of Africa are starving. Citibank employees losing their jobs. Suicide in a parking lot.

More locally the misery continues and grows. I see it on Facebook and all around. People giving up, feeling lost and hopeless and rejected. The dreams of a senior in high school are not visible in the rear view anymore. Trying to make something better but nothing happens. And its flu season, so we’re all sick. We try to drown ourselves in a consumer culture, to drink our sorrows away with a bottle of electronic gizmos, cool fashions and tasty eats. We think a TV show will heal our wounds. Or a movie. Or social media (umm … irony or clueless on my part).

The bad news is that nothing outside will make you happy. It might do something superficially but in the long run the nightmares come back. The world will be what it is. All we can do is change ourselves and that little piece of the world we occupy. No, excuse me, I got that wrong. Jesus gave us ALL the opportunity to change ourselves and the privilege to go out and change that little piece of the world He sends us to occupy. The world might be hopeless but there is hope. We are not defined by our surroundings, we define our surroundings via faith, hope and love. The greatest of these is love. Love is forever undefeated.

Get our head’s right then help someone else do the same.

Anyway, there it is. Thanks for reading.

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