Monday Musings (No, They Won’t All Get Cutesy Titles)

Happy Monday everyone, I’m getting today’s blog done early. Here we go.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that on my way to the record store I stopped for my annual summer visit to Cold Stone Creamery. They really are the best. I always get the double scoop, this time it was french vanilla with oreos and peanut butter cups in a chocolate dipped waffle cone. Good stuff though maybe I’ll remember next time that a single scoop is enough. Doubt it. I even tipped and when you leave a tip they sing. They and Chick-Fil-A need to come to Z-hills though I imagine my waistline will grow if that ever happened.

To get serious for a minute the NCAA is handing down sanctions for Penn State today. The question isn’t whether the institution deserves it (they do) but whether the NCAA has jurisdiction in a criminal matter. I don’t think they do. The NCAA is there to ensure competitive balance. Pay a recruit a $5,000 bonus to come to UF? A job for the NCAA. Keep sexual abuse hush hush? This is a job for law enforcement. The NCAA has no business getting involved in this. I just hope the players that are there are allowed the ability to transfer immediately.

Unrelated point: imagine if a space alien was watching the news today. On any day its pretty bad but today we have the Penn State sanctions because of a sexual abuse cover-up story along with the continued fallout from the Aurora Massacre. Plus the usual crimes and trials (one story is about a gunman who got shot and his friends and family are upset) Its like a horror show, what would they think of our society? Assuming they had the same values of course (don’t overthink this).

Dating Site Adventures

Adventures may be a strong word but I needed something to fill out the title. Usually my dating site escapes are a symphony of unresponded to messages and utter failure. But I actually got a couple of nibbles. I must be careful here, I might be chatting with one of them and they might ask “What else do you do”. I might respond “Well I blog”. To which they might say “Can I see it?”. I don’t think “uh, no” is really a workable answer. Of course I could avoid the whole affair by simply not mentioning my blog. But (switches to whisper voice) I’m not smart enough to do that.

I “met” both of them on Christian Mingle (you know as I type this I think I might find the strength to resist mentioning my blog). The first is a lovely lady from Sweden who goes to Grace Family (she says she hasn’t met Brian L.). We’ve exchanged a couple of messages, she really likes America after being here for a year. She sings in the choir too. I hope I can meet her sometime soon. The other is an extremely fun, perky person whose favorite words are (smiles) and (giggles) (just as I typed). I don’t know her name. Hold on a sec … OK, done. See she enjoys games. we already did two truths and a lie. I sent her a mini word search with my name in it. We’ll see how that goes.

Each of the dating sites have a different personality. On Zoosk most people just answer the questions and write a brief blurb (if that). POF is varied on profiles but I’ve seen a bunch of “non-religious” and people looking for a hookup. Christian Mingle has a very pleasant personality, not surprising considering its (theoretically) a dating site focused on getting Christians together. Not sure what stands out about OK Cupid (other than like POF its mostly free).

I wish the other dating sites had the feature POF has where if you don’t meet certain criteria set by the other person you can’t email them and they won’t show upon your search results. It would be a great time saver if you could filter out the people who just won’t be interested in you because of your age or body type.

I think I’m in a good place about this now. Pursuing a relationship without feeling like I need a relationship. I’ll keep you posted on what happens.

Follow-up: The NCAA has handed down the penalties on Penn State. The details are on ESPN I’m sure but they were harsh. I’ll give credit where its due, the news conference struck the right tenor. Joe Paterno is no longer the winningest coach in NCAA history and the players will be able to transfer right away which is as it should be. I have no beef with the penalties and I think they come from the right place but I still say this might be an overreach of authority.

OK, that’s all folks. “See” you tomorrow. Maybe.

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