Various Stuff 07/20

Actually I’ve started several blogs with the title “various stuff” (or some variation thereof. By now you’ll know whether that name will stay or if “various stuff” turns into “one stuff” or “two stuffs”. 

First off as we all know at approximately 2:45 EST (12;45 local time) a gas masked gunman in SWAT gear entered a theater in Aurora, Co. during a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises and started shooting (and set off a gas canister). The gunman killed 12 people and injured 59 others (some of which unfortunately may go from the injured to the dead category as medical treatment is ongoing). There isn’t much to say or add other than of course we hold up the injured and the families of all the victims in prayer. One other thing: nobody who entered that theater suspected that it would be the last thing they did in life. Times like these remind us of our mortality. Everybody dies and no one knows when. Don’t let the important things go undone. You or the people involved do not have an unlimited time here and we never know when anyone’s time is up. And for heaven’s sake get eternity right. Take care of it, investigate the claims of Jesus in whatever way you will. When you find them true give your life to Him. We don’t have forever to make this decision and there isn’t a ticker that says “Time’s up” until the moment when your time is actually up.

As PTI always says there is no easy or elegant way to transition so we’ll just do it. I too attended a Dark Knight Rises premiere with several friends (well a few friends and some people who go to my new church and so will be new friends). It doesn’t disappoint. I’m not a reviewer so I’m not going to review it. I give it an A-*. Awesome in most every way, the movie drags a bit in spots but that’s a minor quibble. Very dark, not your typical comic movie but that’s a hallmark of this series. I thought Bane was a very good villain, Alfred gets more depth and the other characters are great as well (no spoilers here). The Dark Knight Rises justifies the hype. If you like action or superhero movies make a point to see it.

* I actually rarely give an “A” for a movie or other artistic work right after seeing it. An “A” or “A+” has staying power, no way to judge that the night after you first see it. Unless its Lord of the Rings and you mark or geek out for fantasy stuff. 🙂

What do you think. Best trilogy: LotRs? Star Wars? Batman? Indiana Jones?

DirecTV and Viacom make peace, The Daily Show returns to my TV. And there was much rejoicing. This might be the top headline if not for the tragedy and a military plane landing in the wrong place. Looks like DirecTV “won” as they got most of what they wanted. Viacom got some more money but not as much as they wanted and EPIX is not part of DirecTV’s base service (as Viacom wanted). EPIX will be an option for DirecTV customers. Really other than the blackout this turned out about as well as could be expected for customers as well as DirecTV. These sorts of carriage disputes will probably be a semi-regular thing as cable providers and media companies try to split a pie that we aren’t sure will grow or shrink or will go in a different direction.

Smart phone, I need a smart phone. My phone is pretty stupid. It can barely text. Here is my wish list:

No contracts

Unlimited data for web browsing. No need for lots of minutes as I’m not a big phone talker.

I need these apps: GPS (most important), Amazon Cloud, ICloud, Sirius / XM Internet radio app. Those are the only ones I can think of.

Coverage in Dade City, Wesley Chapel, Lacoochee, Brooksville.I would assume Tampa is a given. The more universal the better obviously.

SD card expandable, as much as possible. Actually 32 gigs won’t cut it. 200 or more will, I know good luck with that (a huge SD card is expensive but I’m OK with that). Of course that is what cloud storage and my trusty IPod Classic are for (please Apple, a 128 gig or higher IPod Touch). 

Any suggestions welcome. Preferably under $50 a month. I know some of the plans are but how good are they? Reviews vary considerably as there are so many variables (location primarily).

Well looks like we are at the end. Have a great weekend everyone.

2 thoughts on “Various Stuff 07/20

  1. To the last subject. I currently have a droid with a simple Metro Plan. You can get all you want for 50 or so there. They usually have specials on droid phones on their site. Its such a bittersweet relationship though. For the money, you cant really beat it. Although some have said that the wal-mart version of Metro uses the Verizon network. I have not explored that but if thats true, I would immediately try that first. If its not, Metro has SOME spotty service issues. You will get to know where as they do not change geographically. If you can cope with the dead zones, its a great phone. Also understand that Metro’s data service is not blazing anywhere. Its more like riding a bike. Faster than walking…but only so much. Hope this was informative…

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