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Despite my post on Facebook I’m not going to take all the posts, paste them into a blog and call it today’s entry. That’s how it was when rock and roll started. The artists like Chuck Berry and Bill Haley released singles (smaller black discs with a big hole). When they had released enough singles (usually 6 which with two songs each = 12 songs) they would release an album (larger black disc with a very small hole). Sometimes the album got filled out with new songs not released on singles. Elvis did the opposite. He released albums and he released singles and the best songs from the singles weren’t on the albums, This making money both ways. Colonel Parker was a smart businessman no doubt. By the mid 60s the single took its place as mostly promotion for the album (though sold quite a bit on its own). B-sides were often songs that didn’t make the album for whatever reason (or a live song), which meant that the big fans still had to get the single even if they had the side a / hit song on the album. Be thankful for ITunes / Amazon MP# / Emusic etc., buying music in my day was more expensive and you always felt you were being ripped off.

OK, Chick-Fil-A. It seems like the big chick Dan Cathy spoke out against gay marriage, saying he / the company was “Guilty as charged” in supporting organizations that are against gay marriage. Or stated more positively (and in my view accurately) organizations that support the traditional family unit. I’m not sure if he was tone deaf on this or that (we can always hope) he simply didn’t care what people thought and what business he would lose. Well you can imagine the hue and cry that went up among liberals and the LGBT community (often but not always the same people). So today Chick Fil-A released a statement saying that they never have or will discriminate against anyone and will leave the issue of  marriage to the politicians. Of course this did not placate the LGBT community (surprised?) and they are continuing to say they’ll never eat there again and what a terrible, hateful business they are. Hateful? They make stuffed cows. 

Look I understand why people who are gay want to get married. I don’t support discrimination against anyone, even those who by CHOICE are in a minority group. I don’t want to get too political here but not supporting gay marriage isn’t discrimination. The people who are against gay marriage aren’t necessarily hateful (though some of them are). They believe that homosexuality is a sin. Moreover (and to me a far more compelling argument) a man and a woman getting married and having children is a cornerstone to our society. There is a connection in natural families nothing else can match. Our government in order to benefit society grants married couples benefits to encourage this union, create families and makes the nation better as a whole. Just because marriage is a failing institution (51% divorce rate) doesn’t mean you trash it or loosen the requirements. Its not hateful to think that a mom and a dad are better equipped to raise children than any other arrangement (and I speak as a child of a single parent who did an awesome job). But no, its not enough to disagree (which would be fair enough) we have to insult people and be hateful like little kids. And some Christians do it too, shame on them! I don’t excuse bad behavior no matter who does it.

Those who disagree with Chick-Fil-A’s political or social actions have every right to take their business elsewhere. I have no issue morally with that. If they express their views maturely and without hateful rhetoric then I give them a thumbs up even if I disagree. Its when you start ratcheting up the rhetoric that I have an issue. But you know what, we as Christians should support businesses that adhere to our values. Too often we react to what we are against and not what we are for. Chick-Fil-A and its business model features several Christian principles (including closing on Sundays). They do good work in many areas. For me their stance on gay marriage isn’t even the most important good work of theirs. However it seems they are under attack. I personally am going to make the trip to Lakeland (please put one in Z-hills), get out of my car, walk in go to Chick-Fil-A, get a big bunch of food and then I will leave. I will not stop anywhere else on purpose. Then I will post on their FB page what I did and my support. Note: I’m not going to tell the cashier as it might make him or her uncomfortable or “Huh?”.

If we want Christians to take stands we need to support them when they do.

Next one won’t be so serious and so political (even though I didn’t want to to be). Batman tonight, good times, later.

One thought on “Support Chick-Fli-A

  1. Just to be clear the main idea is not “Lets support Chick-Fil-A because they are against gay marriage”. Rather its “Lets support Chick-Fil-A because their boss stood up for what he believed in and are now being called hateful things because of it”.

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