ICream! Hooray Ice Cream

Today’s entry will be short. I’m trying to do this every day. I know I probably won’t be able to but if I aim high I’ll hit something in the middle.

Well my little blog’s growin. Thanks to all my readers.

Believe it or not we have something very special in our midst. In Wesley Chapel to be exact. There are only two of these, one in Chicago and the other one right here. Its been featured on the TV. Its called ICream and despite the two missing letters it does indeed serve ice cream along with pudding, yogurt and custard.

Note: When I saw ICream on my way to someplace else I thought it was either an ice cream place or the engineers at Apple figured out how to reduce an ice cream cone to the size of a quarter. The former turned out to be correct.

Well since I have to wake up early tomorrow to take my mom for eye surgery I figured tonight would be a good night to go sample some Icream. At about 9 PM. Then go to Barnes & Noble. Then buy tickets for the Batman premiere tomorrow night (Z-hills still has tickets available). Then write this blog. Anyway …

Off on my quest! (yeah this blog won’t be as good as last night’s but you already started reading so why not finish it, not much longer now).

I arrived at Icream and went inside. A simple but reasonably attractive interior greeted me along with smiling clerk. She asked if I had been before.I said no. Well do you know what you want? Yes, I want one scoop of vanilla and one scoop of white chocolate. Wrong answer. You see they don’t have buckets of flavors below. They make it to order with some sort of cryogenic process. I think this is the same type of process that froze Han Solo in carbonite. It is the same process I want have done before my death so they can find the cure for whatever killed me and bring me back in the year 10,000 when we have evolved into beams of energy. I kid, we’ll all be gone by then. Some of us to glory, others … Anyway they do not give you separate flavors, they combine flavors. So I ordered the white chocolate with white chocolate chips and oreo cookies in a waffle cone. Strike 2! They only have cups. Huh? Wha? give me a large “cup”. The price? $9.06. $9.06!!!! Plus a tip jar (I put a buck in, I’m sorry if the Mcclerk or Wal-cashier doesn’t get a tip why should they?). I’m assigned an order number (this is a different type of ice cream place) and begin making my order.

They did something or other, poured the flavor juice into the carboniter (yes consult this blog for all your science & tech needs) and hit “go!” This big steam cloud comes over the device, this is C double O L cool. Literally, I mean that how they do this, freeze the concoction and such. I also thought it was neat. At some point they take a bit of a substance called “guar” (not GWAR, guar) and pour it in. Yes, guar as in guar gum. One of those strange, unnatural substances found in most store bought ice cream (except Bryers & Haggen-Daus). I never saw guar gum before, I was kind of excited. What is guar gum? Then they take this tiny, tiny cup. We’ll call it an Icup. They put some oreos in one cup and the white chocolate chips in the other cup. I think to myself what an inefficient process. They will have to do this 3 times to get all my mix-ins in. Nope, that’s all I get. Well once the mix-ins are mixed in (OK smarty, how would you phrase it?) the “Icream chef” or “Icream chemist” hands me my treat.

Despite the impression you might have so far it was pretty good. Not exactly soft serve, not exactly real ice cream. Kind of a hybrid. Like when the ice cream has been out too long. There were plenty of mix ins and the large size was enough to a bit too much. I finished as I was watching the employees move a soda fridge (where they keep the bottles of soda for sale) to the restaurant next door. I bid adieu and left.

What’s the verdict? The service was good, the employees were friendly, the ice cream was pretty good, its a nice place. A bit pricey for what you get (Cold Stone is cheaper and they sing). I think yogurt an custard might be a better bet. If you want something different that might be trendy someday check it out. If you want a good old ice cream cone take a pass.

Dipping Dots

Ever been to a mall? The Lakeland mall? Then you’ve seen Dipping Dots, the “space age” ice cream. Space age? Sci fi? Sign me up. Is the cone square, are the scoops in triangular cubes. BTW: memo to Star Trek 40 years too late, food and cups and such are the shapes they are for a reason. I’m sure ancient man tried different shapes for cups (hey, I set the triangular cup down and it spills on the floor, the square cup spills on me). Well it isnt like that. They are actually ultra frozen ice cream beads. They have different base flavors and you can out cookies and candy in it but it isn’t the same. They don’t mix in as much as they occupy the same cup. Well I’ve had it several times (cause I’m a sucker). It’s pretty good but I don’t see the point. Its supposed to be really cold and frozen and is at first. But it melts fairly fast (though slower than real ice cream). If the could somehow get it to stay frozen for a longer time (which is one of the selling points) I think they’d be on to something. As it is call it a fun gimmick.

Cold Stone rocks, nuff said. Choose your mix-ins, comes out great!

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s ice cream blog. Stay cool!

2 thoughts on “ICream! Hooray Ice Cream

  1. I would want to try the ICream place once, just for the fun of it, but I do not believe it would be routine. Currently, I get my ice cream from DLites. Not the best ice cream in the world, but at 50 calories for 4 ounces, it is great for people who are dieting looking to satisfy a sweet tooth. I do not know if one is near you, but one is here in Spring Hill.

    But, you final point is a correct one. Cold Stone rocks!

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