Luke Chapter 8 Study Notes

This was a very dense chapter so here are my notes. Summary • Jesus was teaching the Good News with His 12 disciples and some women including Mary Magdalene. (1-3) • The seed parable: path, rocks, thorns, fertile soil. Describes the ways people receive the message. Path (doesn’t “take”) (12), rocks (gladly receive it but … Continue reading Luke Chapter 8 Study Notes

Your Narcissist (An Instruction Manual Of Sorts)

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of your very own narcissist. By following the directions in this manual and taking the proper precautions you will enjoy a lifetime enjoying freedom from your narcissist. Note: to balance equity with ease of reading this manual will use the rotating pronoun. Note 2: A "narcissist" is not really … Continue reading Your Narcissist (An Instruction Manual Of Sorts)